Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wantable October 2013

My October Wantable box arrived today!  Here's my review:

I received Besame Classic Color Lipstick in Champagne, Darla Makeup Peepers Eyeshadow in Baby Dot, Cailyn Cosmetics Idefine Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black, Manna Kadar Lip Glaze in Patty Cakes, Kikerland Glam Girl Tweezers, and Skiin Instant Skin Tightner and Line Filler Sample.

I think when reviewing a box, it helps to know what the person receiving it likes and doesn't like.  Wantable is highly, highly customizable, which is my favorite thing about it!  I have that I "love" eyeshadow, blush, lip products, and tools and that I "like" eyeliner and brows and "dislike" nails, highlighters, bronzers, and mascara.  I also have mine set for more natural colors like I like.

I am really happy with this box!  I love that I get products that I like and no products that I don't like.  Most subscription boxes don't give you enough customization options.  I did not receive a single thing I don't like.  In fact, I love and would buy every single item in my box.

As far as value, it's hard to say for sure since they're all brands I'm unfamiliar with.  That is the one downside to Wantable.  But I like to consider what I would pay for that item without knowing anything about it other than just how I like it.  The Cailyn liquid eyeliner is very similar to my favorite Stila liquid eyeliner, that I pay $20 for.  Lipstick and lipglosses range $10-$30, depending upon brand, so I'd call those worth $20 for the two of them.  That eyeshadow is easily worth $10.  So ... I'm at at least $50 in value.  Wantable boxes cost $36/month if you're on subscription.  I actually got mine for $26 because I referred a friend.  My refer link is here if you'd like to subscribe yourself!  Note that trying to refer people is not affecting my review.  I got what I got.  You can see it for yourself.  I like that you can customize it; I don't like that the brands are unknown names.  Up to you if you'd like that or not then!

The Besame lipstick in Champagne is a nude-colored shimmer lipstick.  I'd like a bit more rose in it to make it more natural on my lips, but I do like it.

I LOVE the Darla Makeup eyeshadow in Baby Dot.  It's bronze colored and shimmer.  I might not have immediately picked that color on my own.  I do love brown eyeshadows.  I buy a ton, but always want more!  But bronze???  It looks great on my eyes, though!  I can actually just pat my finger on this, rub it on my eyelid a bit, and have perfect eyeshadow in less than a minute.  This would be a great travel product or a great busy morning product.  I'm very impressed with the quality and would like to see more buy this brand.  According to the packaging, Darla Makeup is free of talc, parabens, fragrance, carcinogens, petroleum, FD&C colors, & gluten. Vegan and cruelty free.  Made in the USA.

I have not had a chance to try the Cailyn liquid eyeliner, but I think I will like it.  It looks very similar to the Stila one that is my favorite.  As long as it's black or brown, liquid, and a large size felt tip, I'll like it.  This seems to meet all those criteria.

The Manna Kadar lip glaze in Patty Cakes is a peachy sheer shimmer.  It will be great to toss over other lipsticks to add the glossy look I like.

I'm excited to try the Skiin Instant Skiin Tightner and Line Filler sample.  I don't know if it will work, but I have a few areas I'd really like to have this kind of product for.  If it works, I'd buy it.  Very happy to get the opportunity to try.

And finally the tweezers.  Well, they're tweezers.  It seems to be an added in bonus fifth item for me.  A girl can't have too many pairs of tweezers, so I'm happy to have them.

All in all, a great box for me.  I'm still happy with Wantable.  I love the surprise and excitement.  I had a great time unboxing this with my best friend over the phone.  She gets her box next week or so.  So excited to see what she gets!

Overall SirenPrincess Beauty Rating: A-

Disclaimer--I purchased this box with my own money.

Finally, wanted to share a couple of promo codes if anyone is interested:
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Dr Brandt 15% off your entire purchase at Code: DRBGOODIES15 Expires Oct 31, 2013.

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