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Bobbi Brown Bobbi and Katie Palette

Today I'm going to review the Bobbi Brown Bobbi and Katie Palette. Now I must preface this by saying that Bobbi Brown is my favorite cosmetics brand. I love her concept of natural make-up, even her slogan of "See Perfect Skin, Not Make-up". I'm definitely a Bobbi girl when it comes to make-up. I also love that Bobbi Brown offers a wide range of shades for every skintone and ethnicity (including very fair girls!). So let's take a look at one of the new Bobbi palettes. I purchased this set at Bergdorf Goodman at the end of August. They had it several weeks before the Bobbi website had it available for order, so I've had some good time to test this product out.

First, the design. This palette is very unique in that it comes like a little book! Just glancing at it, you wouldn't even think it's a make-up palette. It's much thinner than other palettes, so that makes it very travel friendly. The palette has a magnetic closure and a very large mirror that is perfect for doing make-up on the inside. I think the book design with the hot pink writing is very cute. But a major downside of the packaging is that it attracts make-up fall-out like crazy. This is AFTER I tried to clean it up. Those light colors just cling to that black fabric like glue.

You get 8 eyeshadows, 2 cream blush and lip pots, and a brown eye pencil. The eyeshadows along the left are Pink Chiffon (Shimmer), Brown Sugar (Limited Edition), Pink Quartz (Limited Edition), and Ballet (Sparkle). The eyeshadows along the right are Cream (Limited Edition), Antique Rose (Matte), Stone (Matte), and Black Cocoa (Limited Edition). The pot rogues are Pretty Powerful and Raspberry. And the eye pencil is Chocolate. I think this is a great, great set for fair skin. So many of the colors are light and work well for fair girls. I'm addicted to the Bobbi Brown eye palettes, but often only a few shades are light enough for me to use. I can use all of these colors without problem. The left side is sort of a light and fun day palette and the right side is either a more serious business palette or an evening palette. Let's take a closer look at how the colors swatch on pale skin.

The above photo is the left eyeshadows swatched on my very pale skin (Bobbi Brown Alabaster or Porcelain depending upon the formula). I know a lot of people thought this palette was pink, pink, pink, but as you can see, it's not. Only Pink Chiffon is very pink. That one is a highly pigmented pink with a fine shimmer. Brown Sugar is probably my favorite in this palette. It's a medium brown with a fine shimmer. It's great for lids on pale girls! Both Pink Quartz and Ballet are more of just a fine shimmer without much color. They really don't add much pink. They are useful to add a touch of shimmer without being glitter glitter glitter!

The above photo is the right eyeshadows and the eyeliner pencil. There is a swatch of Cream there, but you just can't see it because it nearly perfectly matches my skintone. This is a good base color for pale girls, but I do prefer Bone (in other palettes) just a touch better. Antique Rose is a good medium-dark nude shade. I like it, and it can be a good day lid shade, but it has a tendency to go a bit orangy on me (a lot of shades do that to me). Stone is actually my favorite Bobbi Brown eyeshadow shade. It's a great dark lid color for fair girls. It look like it would be too dark, but blended on the lid with a good brush, it looks fabulous. Usually, the darkest shade in any palette is only used as an eyeliner for me. That is the case with this palette, but normally all the dark shades are interchangeable for me. Not so with this palette. Black Cocoa is actually a dark brown with gold flecks! I didn't think I'd like the gold flecks, but they really add something to your eyeliner. A bit of 'fun' without being overdone. To use this shade as eyeliner, I just dip a Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush in a bit of water, run it over the top of the shade, and then stamp it on. This is a very easy method to use eyeliner if you're a novice, and it looks incredible! A perfect fine line! And it's quite economical compared to eyeliners. I like the color of the included brown eyeliner, but I'm not much for pencil eyeliners. This one is a bit more of a crayon consistency, which makes it easier to put on, but I can never get the fine point I want with these. I'll use it, but I always feel like I put on too much when I do.

Finally, we have the pot rogues. I don't usually use this type of product much. I prefer powder blushes, which I wish this set had. I find the cream blushes too hard to get right. The Pretty Powerful is kind of cute on lips as a base under lipgloss, and I guess I could wear the Raspberry on lips, but I'd feel a bit overdone. But let me show you why I HATE cream products and powder products to be mixed in the same palette.

The above photo is what happens with a couple of weeks of use even when I was trying my hardest to be careful and only sweep the shadow outwards. Yep, that's eyeshadow all in my rogues. Wouldn't powder blushes be so much nicer there? Oh well. All in all, I truly love this palette! It has a ton of great shades for pale girls. The design is very cute and fun. It's one of my all-time favorite Bobbi palettes, and I love love Bobbi palettes. As with all of the Limited Edition Bobbi palettes, I wish you could buy the individual shades by themselves instead of only in the palette. I love Brown Sugar and would love to buy a full-size eyeshadow of just that one, but you can't. It's only in this LE palette. I guess that's how they get you to buy more palettes. In my case at least, that works.

SirenPrincess Rating: A- (the minus is only for having cream products in an eyeshadow palette, the rest would get an A)
Good Choice for Pale Girls!

Disclaimer--This product was purchased by me at full price. I bought it at Bergdorf Goodman, which was an amazing shopping experience. I plan to do a series of shopping experience posts in the future, but for now I'll just say shopping there is wonderful. If you're in New York City, you NEED to go visit the Bobbi counter at Bergdorf's. Ask for Matthew. He was great! Coming up soon, I'll be reviewing the travel case and mini brush set you can purchase to go with this set.

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