Friday, September 20, 2013

Wantable September Box

I just subscribed to my first beauty subscription box.  This one is called Wantable.  If you're not familiar with subscription boxes, you basically subscribe, and then you get a random box of goodies every month.  There are quite a few different options out there.  I selected Wantable because I wanted one that was mainly make-up (not hair care or skin products) and one that based what was sent on my preferences.  I do love hair care and skin care too, but I like the products I use (Aveda hair care and Jan Marini skin care), so I don't really want samples of other products.  I'd rather get make-up, which is always fun to experiment with!  And I strongly wanted one customized to me because there are some products I just won't use (like nail polish, I get my nails done, I'd never use that) and also because I am for fair that if they are just random colors, they are probably not going to work for me.  Wantable seemed to be the best subscription for what I wanted (hehe).  It is one of the more expensive subscription services at $36/month, but I feel that it's worth it because you get full sized items (not just samples), and you can also skip a month if you want.  You can also buy a single box for $40.

There is a questionnaire you fill out when you subscribe.  It has sliders for each item with choices of love, like, and dislike.  You are more likely to get items you love.  You will never get items you dislike.  I said I loved blush, eyeshadow, lip products, and tools and like brow products.  I said I dislike mascara, eyeliner, nail polish, and bronzer.  I don't actually dislike any of those things, but I didn't want them sent to me.  Gel manicure at the nail salon so no nail polish please.  I have very sensitive eyes so I have to be very careful about the mascara and eyeliners I pick.  And bronzer is okay, but I have several and had a feeling I might get too dark of ones.  I might change that one to like later.  I also said I love neutrals and like colors, that lip gloss is my favorite lip product, and that I like just about any kind of brow product as I don't have a preference on that yet.  There were more questions, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. I also like that you can change your preferences at any time, so if you're getting to much of one item, you could turn that item off for a while.

So let's see what I got in my first box.

I received a blush, an eyeshadow, a lip gloss, an angled foundation brush, and a sample mouse eye shadow. 

  • Free sample of Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme.  There is actually only product in the middle two dots.  The colors look interesting and like something I would like to try. I would buy this type of product if I like it.
  • Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Tauepless.  I love, love lip gloss.  Any kind of lip gloss.  I mostly buy pinky nudes, but I did recently buy Bobbi Brown Rose Gold, and this color seems close to that.  Definitely the type of thing I would buy.  I like the consistency.  It feels very good on your lips.  It's a bit more brown than I expected, but I do like it and will wear it.  I wish it had more shimmer, but that's a personal preference.  Staying power seems typical of lip gloss. Retail value $14.  I don't know that I'd buy this shade again, but I would buy this brand lip gloss again.
  • Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow in Birthday Suite.  I prefer neutrals, so this is a great pick for me.  It's not really all that exciting, but it is a shade I'd buy and use.  On me, it's flesh toned.  The powder seems very soft and almost creamy, very blendable.  I'm very impressed for a middle-end brand.  Retail value $14.  I'd prefer a palette from them, but yes, I would buy again. The quality seems good.
  • Cailyn Cosmetics Deluxe Mineral Blush in Peach Pink.  This looks very orangy in the package, but it swatches almost a sunburn pinky color.  It isn't too dark for me and is something I could actually wear.  Yay!  The color name does describe it well.  It's a little hint of coral in a pinky blush to me. Retail value $30.  I would not rebuy this product.  I have other blushes I like better (Benefit Rockateur comes to mind).  The texture is a little coarse too.  But I will use this one.
  • Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush.  I'm excited about this as I've been wanting an angled face brush.  It feels like a traditional foundation brush, just angled.  It is for liquid and cream foundations.  It feels relatively soft.  I wonder how it would do with powder too, but I haven't tried that yet.  Retail value $25.  I might not have bought this, but I like it.
  • Total retail value $83 (according to Wantable).
All in all, I am extremely happy with my box.  It has 4 full-sized items and a sample.  All of the items are items I will use and like.  There are no items I immediately would dismiss as something I wouldn't use.  Even the colors are all pretty good for me.  The brands are all things I haven't heard of.  I've heard other subscriptions are better about this, but not as customizable.  I'm not noticing a quality issue with any of the products, though, so I don't mind being introduced to new brands.

I'm also waitlisted for Ipsy.  We'll see if I like those two before I decide if I want to do any more.

Do you subscribe to any boxes?  Do you like them?  What sort of things do you typically get?  Did you get to customize the box at all? I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Policies and Contact Information

This blog expresses my opinion of products I have tried.  It is just that, an opinion.  Something that looks awful on me might look great on you.  Different skin types react differently to different products. No comments are intended to defame a company or product.

The majority of products reviewed in this blog were purchased by me.  Sometimes I will provide opinions on products I've tried out in store or received trial size samples of as part of a promotion. I also do receive some products in return for an honest review of the product. All products provided for free will be clearly marked as such, and the receipt of a product for free will have no impact on the review of the product.  I give my honest opinion on all products.

If you are a PR representative and would like for me to review your product, please e-mail me at or use the contact box in the sidebar.  I'm always looking for more products to review!

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All About Me

Curious about me and my skin and hair type?  Here's where you can learn all about me.

  • Skin tone/color: Bobbi Brown Alabaster or Porcelain (depending upon formulation), Dolce & Gabbana 60 Clasic, L'oreal True Match W1, or MAC NC10-15.
  • Skin type: Combination--mostly dry overall with a slightly oily t-zone.
  • Eyes: Dark blue.
  • Hair:  Blonde hair with Aveda highlights. It's very coarse, dry, and naturally wavy.
  • Style:  I like natural looks and timeless, classic fashion.
  • Favorite brands:  Bobbi Brown, Jan Marini, Dolce & Gabbana, Aveda, Dior, Coach.