Friday, August 22, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics

In case you haven't heard, Urban Decay just launched Naked 2 Basics.  I have and love Naked Basics, a palette with all matte neutrals.  Naked 2 Basics is supposed to be the same concept with cooler tones, so of course I had to have this right away.

Naked 2 Basics colors--Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, Undone

Here are swatches on me.  I am very fair with neutral to slightly warm undtones.  I have to say that I don't agree that all of the colors are cooler toned.  In fact, some are quite warm.

Skimp is a pale peach.  Stark is a medium peachy orange.  Frisk is a cool, mid-toned brown.  Cover is a warm mid-toned red brown.  Primal is a cool, dark brown.  Undone is a gray black.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase.  I think I will use the heck out of Frisk and Primal.  But I am surprised how warm some of the shades like Stark and Cover are.

Many of you are probably wondering how this compares with Naked Basics, so here's my comparison.

Overall, they are very close. The biggest difference is that the lightest color in Naked 2 Basics is near equivalent to the third lightest shade in Naked Basics and Naked 2 Basics has two extra mid-tones that Naked Basics doesn't have.

For swatches, I tried to line the colors up with the color they match in the other palette.  They're all still in order, but I left space to make it easier to compare the dupes.

As I said, the biggest difference is that the lightest color in Naked 2 Basics is near equivalent to the third lightest shade in Naked Basics. Naked Basics has Venus (near white) and Foxy (pale yellow) that Naked 2 Basics does not have an equivalent or alternative to. WOS (Naked Basics) and Skimp (Naked 2 Basics) are pretty much dupes of each other. Even right up next to each other, I can't see much difference. They're both peach. I guess if I had to say something Skimp is a bit pinker, but still peach.

Naked 2 Basics has two colors that Naked Basics doesn't have an equivalent of as well. They are Stark (second color in Naked 2 Basics, a peachy orange) and Cover (fourth color in Naked 2 Basics, a reddish brown). Stark is much more peachy orange than I expected from the pink description on the UD site. It is NOT pink at all. Cover reminds me of a darker, browner version of Tease from Naked 2 but some of that same tone comes through.

Naked 2 (the color from Naked Basics not the palette, geez that's confusing) and Frisk (Naked 2 Basics) were the two I was most interested in comparing because I use Naked 2 almost daily. Frisk is slightly lighter and a bit more cool-toned than Naked 2. I also feel Faint (Naked Basics) and Primal (Naked 2 Basics) are pretty comparable. They are pretty close in intensity but Primal is cooler-toned. Crave (Naked Basics) and Undone (Naked 2 Basics) are interchangeable on someone as pale as me. Crave is slightly blacker and Undone is slightly grayer, but they're both just going to look black on my eyes and even swatched next to each other they are hard to tell apart.

Do you need both? No. They are pretty close. Am I glad I have both? Yes. I love the colors Naked 2 and Faint from Naked Basics and know I'm going to love having the color-toned options of Frisk and Primal from Naked 2 Basics. If you're going to get only one, which one should you get? If you want more light colors, get Naked Basics. If you want more mid-tones, get Naked 2 Basics. Although Frisk and Primal are cooler than Naked 2 and Faint, the rest of the colors in Naked 2 Basics are not really cool-toned. Stark and Cover have a lot of warmth to them on me.

SirenPrincess Beauty Rating: A- Great pigmentation but not all the colors are cool-toned as advertised

Naked 2 Basics from Urban Decay $29