Friday, November 15, 2013

Ipsy November 2013

I'm finally off the waitlist for Ipsy!  Here's my first bag, the November 2013 bag.

This month's bag is all about glam.  The bag itself is a gold snakeskin-like bag with a hot pink zipper.  It's sort of cute, but not something I personally will be using.

The products I received are:

EM Cosmetics lash gallery mascara volumizing mascara in Brown--Okay, I have mascara sensitivities and would turn it off if I could, but I'll try it.  I'm still always on the lookout for one that will work for me.  And I actually LIKE brown mascara.  Considering how pale I am and that I have blond lashes, I consider brown more everyday mascara for me.  I'd also pick volumizing over lengthening, so this is a good pick for me as long as it doesn't bother my eye allergies.
UPDATE--This mascara is actually good for my sensitive eyes!  Only minor irritation, which is good for me.  The brown looks plenty dark and blackish on me.  The formula, however, does nothing for my eyes.  It seemed really hard to get on.  Maybe it's the brush.  If you don't have mascara sensitivities, you can find something that will work a lot better.

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless--The formula is nice, but the color is magenta.  I suppose it could be worse, but this color is too bold for me.

Nailtini in Champagne--Will go to a friend or a traveling box. I don't use nail polish because I get mine done with gel manicures at the salon.  This is a very beautiful color, though, and if I used nail polish, I would love this.

Pixi Bronzer--This is a very LIGHT bronzer with a bit of sparkle.  It's just right for a touch of sun for pale girls.  I like this but wish it didn't have the sparkle.

Star looks gem eye pencil in Topaz--I hate eye pencils and this one is silver, SILVER.  I would never wear silver eyeliner unless it was for like Halloween or Cos play maybe.  This will be going in a traveling box.

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Eyeshadow Sample in Asteroid--I was so excited for this one as I love eyeshadow.  Opening the box, though, the color is woah, bold and different.  It's like a copper with blue veining.  Not something I would ever purchase.  But it doesn't seem to swatch that crazy.  I'll try it.  I'm a little bit excited to try it.
UPDATE--I actually love this eyeshadow!  It turns into a bit of a shiny taupe when you apply it.  If you pat it on, it looks a bit more silvery-blue but not really blue.  If you brush it through, though, it's more of a brown taupe.  It's not coppery on my eyes at all.  More like a slightly lighter and more brown version of Urban Decay Mushroom.  It really is a very pretty color on my eyes.

I have to keep reminding myself that this bag was only $10 compared with my Wantable box which is $36. So really I only have to like ONE product to make it worth it.  I still really wish I had more options to customize this.  My bag had a lot of bold color choices I'd never wear, some items I know I'd never use.  That being said, I am excited to try to the EM mascara, the Pixi bronzer, and the crazy-colored eyeshadow.  The fun factor alone of the surprise and seeing what you get is worth the $10 for me.  But I do wish I'd gotten the Neptune eyeshadow and the Amethyst eyeliner.  Oh well.

SirenPrincess Beauty Rating: B

Disclaimer:  I paid for this bag with my own money

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