Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bobbi Brown GWP Mini Eyeshadow Palette

I swear Bobbi Brown has the BEST GWPs.  I am addicted to these little things.  They are usually with a $125-$150 purchase on the Bobbi Brown or department store websites.  They are tiny, and I LOVE that.  I've photographed them next to my Sephora VIB rouge card so you can get an idea of size.  These little things are no bigger than a credit card in width and length and maybe the size of two or three together for depth.  But you get a decent amount of product in them.  They are perfect for tossing in your purse for make-up on the go or for taking for travel.  If you could just buy these, I would buy a ton of them.
Here's a photo of the inside:

The one on the left is all eyeshadows.  I got it at the Bobbi Brown website recently with a $150 min purchase.  That sale is over, but you can currently get one at Neiman Marcus with a $150 Bobbi Brown purchase.  This is an incredible deal because you get 8 Bobbi Brown eyeshadows for free!  The GWPs also usually include a free mini mascara and small eye cream (not photographed).  For me, it doesn't matter that you only get a small amount of eyeshadow.  I hardly ever hit pan on anything and this lets me try all of these colors I would normally spend $22 a piece to try each color. I also prefer mini mascaras over full size because even with daily use I won't run out before the 3 month expiration date on open mascara is up.

Colors in the all eyeshadow one are Ivory, Shell, Stone shimmer, Antique Rose, Mica sparkle (note the sparkle shadows are not Bobbi's best formula), Saddle, Petal, and Rich Caviar.  The Stone shimmer and Saddle (a cool brown) are ones I am going to have to buy the full size of because they are really nice.

The GWP on the right contains a blush too.  It contains all of my favorite every day Bobbi eyeshadows in one tiny compact and the blush, perfect for travel.  It's Ivory, Velvet Plum (metallic), Cement (my favorite light every day lid color), and Rich Caviar.  The blush is Desert Pink.  Desert pink is an intensely pigmented blush so a lot goes a loooong way.  Use a stippling brush or a fan brush and only get a tiny bit and it will look good. I use Ivory for all over color, Cement on the lid, and Rich Caviar wet as a liner for a great day look then pat Velvet Plum over the top to convert to evening.

Here's a look I did with Ivory, Stone shimmer, and Saddle:

I personally think these things are amazing.  Bobbi Brown, please consider making them available for individual sale!  The all eyeshadow GWP was my first palette I used in week 1 of my palette parade.  I used it every day for week and you can hardly tell it's been used, so you can get a lot of use out of these.  I also didn't get tired of it at all in that week, so there's a good variety of pretty colors in there.

SirenPrincessBeauty Ranking: A+
Disclaimer: These were GWPs but I did purchase the $150 minimum to receive them with my own money.


  1. Ahh, they're adorable! Thanks for sharing!
    Unfortunately, I just don't know how to spend $150 on Bobbi Brown. Any suggestions/favorite products?

    1. I may be biased because Bobbi Brown is my favorite brand, but I love their correct and concealer, the concealer brush, any of the matte or shimmer eyeshadows or palettes (avoid sparkle shadows), the cream shadows are super long lasting and the cream shadow brush is nice, the shadow sticks are awesome (like the Laura Mercier caviar sticks), I like the long wear eye base (keeps mine more blendable than UD or Too Face), Brow and Hair touchup (great brow gel), the powder foundation is great for a more coverage setting powder, I love Bobbi lip glosses (especially the high shimmer), and all of her lipsticks are great (Blue Raspberry is my favorite), and her Full Coverage Face brush is great for blending. Yes, that's a lot of products. I use a lot of Bobbi! If I had $150 to spend and I was new to the brand, I'd probably buy an eyeshadow palette (I think Neiman's still had the Navy and Nude palette, that's a great palette, or the Rich Chocolate if they still have that), a lip stick (Blue Raspberry for me), a concealer and corrector, and a nice brush (I do really like her blush brushes for applying any kind of powder too).

  2. Forgot another one of my favorites! Extreme Party Mascara! It doesn't irritate my extremely sensitive eyes (why? I do not know, but this one doesn't) and it adds a lot of volume.

  3. That's a pretty generous GWP! I wish more brands did nice GWPs like this. I need to try something from BB still!